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Point Roberts
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Cruising Distances in the Pacific Northwest From/To Point Roberts,
48° 58' 23.91" N, 123° 03' 52.20" W - NOAA Chart 18421
Point RobertsActive Pass13.01:51 
Point RobertsAnacortes, Fidalgo Island35.65:05 
Point RobertsBedwell Harbour, S. Pender Is.20.62:57 
Point RobertsBellingham31.54:30 
Point RobertsBirch Bay12.11:44 
Point RobertsBlaine12.71:49 
Point RobertsCadboro Bay, Victoria38.45:29via Boundary Pass;
Point RobertsCampbell River108.015:26via Sabine Passage
Point RobertsComox, B.C.87.412:29via Baynes Sound and avoiding WG
Point RobertsCrescent Beach, B.C.11.91:42 
Point RobertsDeception Pass39.85:41via Haro Strait
Point RobertsDeer Harbor, Orcas Is.23.83:24via President Channel
Point RobertsDesolation Sound108.215:27via Nanaimo
Point RobertsElliott Bay Marina96.013:43via Deception Pass
Point RobertsEverett76.410:55via Deception Pass
Point RobertsEverett77.111:01via La Conner
Point RobertsFalse Bay, Lasqueti Island62.68:57avoiding WG
Point RobertsFalse Creek, Vancouver32.84:41 
Point RobertsFlounder Bay37.05:17via Bellingham Channel
Point RobertsFrench Creek, Vancouver Is.56.58:04via Ballenas Channel and avoiding WG
Point RobertsFriday Harbor, San Juan Is.27.33:54 
Point RobertsGaliano Island22.73:15 
Point RobertsGibsons33.64:48 
Point RobertsGig Harbor114.516:21via Deception Pass
Point RobertsJones Island22.23:10via President Channel
Point RobertsLa Conner42.36:03 
Point RobertsMatia Island16.42:21 
Point RobertsNanaimo, Vancouver Is.38.85:33 
Point RobertsOak Harbor58.18:18via Deception Pass
Point RobertsOlga, Eastsound30.64:22via Obstruction Pass
Point RobertsOlympia137.119:35via San Juan Channel
Point RobertsOlympia142.120:18via Swinomish Channel
Point RobertsPender Harbour59.78:32 
Point RobertsPort Hardy221.131:35via Nanaimo, Vancouver Is. & Discovery Passage
Point RobertsPort Townsend56.58:04 
Point RobertsPrevost Harbor21.13:01 
Point RobertsRoche Harbor24.53:30 
Point RobertsSandyPoint, Whatcom County18.42:38 
Point RobertsSeattle, Shilshole Bay91.413:03via Deception Pass
Point RobertsSeattle, Shilshole Bay94.613:31via Swinomish Channel and Anacortes
Point RobertsSecret Cove50.57:12 
Point RobertsSidney26.83:50via Active Pass
Point RobertsSidney28.54:04via Boundry Passage
Point RobertsSilva Bay, Gabriola Is.28.04:00 
Point RobertsSkyline Marina37.05:17via Bellingham Channel
Point RobertsSnug Cove, Bowen Is.31.04:26 
Point RobertsSteveston, Lulu Is.20.32:54 
Point RobertsSucia Is.16.82:24 
Point RobertsVancouver32.64:39 
Point RobertsVictoria46.26:36via Boundary Passage
Point RobertsWhite Rock11.81:41 
Point RobertsWinter Cove11.31:37via Boat Pass